Final Standings

The final standings document the performance of the players during an event, the ranked first comes off as the winner. Therefore, the organizer must present a reasonable local ranking solely based on the outcomes of all games during the event. Tournament evaluation differs fundamentally from rating. In practice there are many obstacles to overcome.

Most tournaments have many participants and because of the duration of a single game they cannot play full round-robin tournaments. Therefore, there is no information on how a particular participant plays against all others.

All these situations must be handled by the organizers by introducing surrogates for un-played games. On the other hand these faked data cannot be used to determine the strength of a player.

Actually, in most cases the final standings can be derived from the results of all games. But keep in mind that the standings presented here are unofficial and that they are not used for calculating the rating.

The rating is based on individual game results, not on final tournament standings. Therefore, the database does not contain final tournament standings.


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