The scoring specifies the earning that a player gets for a game. The three numbers are the yieldings for win, draw, and loss.

The most straightforward approach is to give one point for a win, half a point for a draw, and nothing for a loss as it is implemented by FIDE chess: 1 ½ 0. To impede “unplayed” draws many tournament rules introduce a drawing penalty. There is no coherent procedure to determine a reasonable drawing penalty and it depends much on a matter of taste.

Until 2000-12-31, ISF-Stratego hat a scoring from 6 1 0.

On 2001-01-01 ISF-Stratego changed the scoring to 6 3 1. It may turn up strange to give a point for a loss. The primary reason for it was motivation: You must not lose! Technically, however, 6 3 1, 5 2 0, and 1 0.4 0 are equivalent and result in a drawing penalty of 0.1.


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