History of lisa07

lisa07 is unrated.

Game Balance of lisa07, sorted by Dates of Events
PlaceDate ↑SignificanceNickRatingExpectedObservedNet Yield
WinterTourn 20192019-04-230.991072  TheOptician1503 0.00000 
Fairway1323 0.00000 
PRO Ladder2019-04-180.990046  Dutchkillers1398 0.00000 
yiaver1156 0.00000 
Kambia1120 0.00000 
nickoriginal211117 0.00000 
Verti GO1085 0.00000 
PRO RANDOM2018-12-180.949011  Napoleon1er1549 0.00000 
josephwhite1492 0.00000 
leppie1484 0.00000 
LAZZLO1344 0.00000 
damon131309 0.00000 


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